British N Scale

Note: these pages are not being regularly updated. I threw them together in early 1997. So they’re just here in case anyone else finds them useful.

So. What, you may ask, is British N scale? Well, British N refers to model trains that run on tracks with rails 9 mm apart, like most N scale trains. However for strange and arcane historical reasons lost in the mists of time, British N models are built to a ratio of 1:148 compared to real life. This is somewhat different from European and American N scale models, which are built using a ratio of 1:160. It is also different from British 2 mm scale, which uses a ratio of 1:152 and runs on 9.42 mm gauge track.

These pages were also put together because I lived in Canada at the time, and finding information about obscure British products can be a real nuisance at times. So this thing is essentially a compendium of bits and pieces I’ve assembled for my own convenience. I’ve just put it up online in case it’s of interest to anyone else.

It’s also partly in response to my annoyance at the purported product reviews in the model press. Quite often it seems the reviewer is more concerned about not offending the manufacturer than providing genuinely useful and critical consumer information about the item reviewed. These pages are free of commercial advertising revenue concerns and are thus rather opinionated - and make no apologies for so being.

Note that I don’t include a list of useful links, mainly because the average Web site seems to have a lifespan slightly longer than that of a fruitfly, and it gets really tiresome updating broken links. So I’m simply not going to bother. Sorry. I do, however, include the odd link in the body of the text where a link might be useful.

Anyway, here it is. A collection of odds and ends. Enjoy.

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